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1. Before the confirmation of your order, please verify all the stock details listed on our website and showing on the GIA certificate, otherwise, any of your confirmed orders will not be canceled.

2. After the goods come to Hong Kong. please arrange the pick-up within 10 days otherwise, our system will cancel your order automatically for that specific goods .if customers violates this rule over 3 times ,your member discount will be removed.

3. Milky stones, stones with brown or green tinge or stones which are not eye-clean can be retuned or replaced within 7 days And We consider eye-clean on the condition of stone able face-up naked eye-clean

4. Under these circumstances, your goods can not be returned or replaced. Firstly, goods without any quality problems(BGM) can not be returned or replaced, stones with the characteristics like nature or indented natural etc,which are stated clearly on the certificate or our website, can not be returned or replaced. Secondly, goods with quality problems are failed to return us within 7 days since the goods are picked up.

5.The problem of culet-broken & girdle-broke, improper stone-open should be noticed and reported to our staff during the pick-up process, we take no responsibility of these problems found after the pick-up process.

Thank you for your consideration